Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

 "I am very pleased with my solar system. It runs my whole shop and since the installation in 2015, I have had zero issues. The people at Photon Electric are professional''s and I would highly recommend them." 

★  1/3/2017 - BatteryTech via


"Our power went out on Saturday for 3 hours while my wife was home alone.  As designed, the Outback inverters switched over silently and seamlessly to keep everything important running.  Once the power came back on they immediately began charging the batteries.  What a huge blessing compared to doing without or rolling out the generator. Thanks for helping make this happen. Your knowledge and service is above and beyond!"

★  5/22/2017 - Daniel Hayes via


"Photon Electric LLC helped drop my electric bill from $116.00 to $72.00 a month with a process called "back-feeding." Solar panel and electrical investments are too large to have a beginner complete. Henry and Wayne have a combined 16 years experience in the field and it shows!"  * Update 12-3-2016. I wrote this testimonial a year ago, and am still enjoying the peace of mind. To do it over, I would not change a thing! *

12/2015 - Dean Speicher via


"Nice guys with answers. I got a Midnight Classic 150 Charge Controller for about the same as online pricing and they had it in stock.  They also could answer my questions.  

 1/2017 - Google User


"Worked with me to decide what type & size of solar system we needed- grid tied with off grid capability, they took care of all permits & legal issues.  Quick, effiecient & professional installation.  Followup customer service is well above the usual - answers questions quickly and knowledgeably.  Very pleased with our system and service.  I would highly recommend Photon Electric!"

★  11/20/2016 - DrCera via


"Photon Electric installled a solar power system in our rural Michigan cabin recently.  Thus far, it has been great.  The technicians were efficient and focused.  The system iteself has operated well.  I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a quality off grid system.  One weakness I would mention is the lack of orientation training for first-time solar electric customers.  It might help if the company had prepared training materials or orientation sessions for new customers.  Overall, we are pleased with this company, its service, and its products."

★ 11/30/2016 - Hoosier Treehugger via


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